Pauline Legros

Student in engineer school IMAC
(Image, Multimédia, Audio-visual & Communication)

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I have done a two years under graduate degree diploma MMI (Job of multimédia and internet) in 2016. I have learned web programmation, graphics design, visual artistry, audio-visual and communication. I am currently in the engineering school IMAC (Image, Multimédia, Audio-visual and Communication). This training is very complete and give knowledges in different fields like web, programming and audio-visual. In addition, I have done a one week formation, the Google Digital Active training. I received the certification, it gives good expertise in digital marketing.

Passionate about music for a long time, I had quickly been interested in cinema, image and sound field. Next I have discovered programming during my studies. This fields are very motivating and fascinating for me. In order to harden my skills, I am looking for a placement of 2 / 4 months in audio-visual and animation fields. The creations on this website are, mostly, personnal projects.


My studies allowed me good skills in many fields.


I am fluent in programming languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP and JS. I have done a placement in web programming in 2016 at Renault Company. I have realized a website application to save datas un BDD)


I am learning the languages C, C++ and OpengL since I am in engineer school IMAC. These knowledges have allowed me to create video games such as a boat battle.


Animation and special effects are very fascinating for me. I have realized a few animation in class, but also for my personnal projects.


The world of cinema is very attractive for me. I like to write stories and make it alive. Musician since I am 6, I play and compose during my free time.



HEAR ME - Original music

Music composition. Recorded on Ableton et mixed on ProTools. Animation After Effects.

Il y a - Vanessa Paradis [ Nona cover ]

Music recorded on ableton
Animation after Effects.

3D animation Futuroscope

Use 3Dsmax for modelisation
Visual effects on after effect

Short film realized for audio-visual classe

Video realized with 4 persons
Video editing on Première Pro


You have questions ? You want to get in touch with me ? Fill this form or send me an e-mail, I will answer you as soon as I can. I am also available on social networks !

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